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Semester 2/2018:
14 November 2018
(Class Begins January 7, 2019)

Upcoming Activity

ABAC Music Training Camp Season 6 (14-16 November 2018)



27.03.17 — The Press Conference – Announcing the official collaboration between academic and music industry; Department of Music Business, ABAC School of Music (Dr. Vindhai Cocracul, Dean) and Muzik Move (Khun Vudtinun Bhirombhakdi, CEO).  The program was interestingly emceed by Ken from Zeal band and A.Pannawit. There were also special appearances from artists and celebrities, with a closing mini concert by PAUSE Band.

Press Conference Photo: ABAC Music Business X Muzik Move

If you have any question about our program, please feel free to contact our chairperson here.

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