Why Study with Us?

ABAC Music Entrepreneurship Program:

Keys to more than Tactics & Skills in Mastering Musical Instruments! When Passion Becomes Profession!

In this modern age, available technological advances facilitate the creation or composition of music & songs more than in the past; besides the various convenient social platforms for publicizing or making new songs known to the public. For these reasons, new artists & singers have daily emerged.

Many have become rapidly popular and then faded away while some have sustained; retaining current popularity and evident success. However, only musical talents or abilities are no longer adequate. the keys to sustainable musical success and popularity requires many more additional skills & expertise than before.

Present musical artists may be able to compose or produce their own songs. But other vital skills including digital marketing, essential musical content, aggressive marketing & communication to winning more recipients or sizable fan clubs; correct understanding and efficient employment of effective social media or platforms are absolutely required.

Smart analysis of data analytics, accuracy of digital music content and the promotion of the produced songs for the artists to reach their niche market & groups of fan clubs through a number of social media or platforms are necessary. Correct and best prediction of current market or listening behaviors, timing and strategies of commercial or advising are no less important. All these considerations concern knowledge and understanding of digital marketing.

With all these required tactics for desired success and the seemingly unsurmountable marketing obstacles, the Music Entrepreneurship Program, AU Louis Nobiron School of Music, is perhaps the best keys to all these limitations enabling graduates towards becoming effective music entrepreneurs as long as learners possess authentic appreciation of the music and songs.

The outstanding AU Music Entrepreneurship Program consists of the following four unique factors leading to musical entrepreneurial successes:

  1. Musical understanding and appreciation (Musicianship) which emphasizes all music appreciation: related music theories, histories or instrumental skills.
  2. Music Production: disciplines covering the following related skills: songwriting, composition, wording & phrasing, song recording, mixing,  mastering, photographing or music videoing as well as the accompanying images for music presentation, marketing and distribution through various social media and available platforms.
  3. Knowledge and appreciation of the Music Business Marketing: students not only best possibly master how to compose songs, other related worthwhile or noteworthy musical tactics are also capitalized: i.e. advertising methods, devising of business plans, investment funds, various budgeting expenses as well as the risk management or prevention endeavors for the overall effectiveness and cost-worthy successes.
  4. Data Science: maximum utilization & application of the scientific data, analysis, statistics for highly effective marketing, proper awareness and strategies to penetrate desired or best possible musical customers, consumers or clientele.

In line with all these vitally important tactics for business success, the outstanding AU Music Entrepreneurship Program offers best keys & solutions for business success at this present age and time.