Supanij Navasoopanich (Angie)

Self Introduction

My name is Supanij Navasoopanich, or Angie for short. I am 19 years old but I am already in my junior year at Assumption University. This is because I took the GED test when I was in grade 11 and that’s when I started school in Assumption University in the School of Music department. I am majoring in  Music Business and I chose Music Production for my concentration. I choose jazz vocal as my main instrument. I did not start my singing journey with jazz songs but I’ve always had a thing for jazz music which is why I would love to dig deeper and study more about jazz singing.


What it’s like studying in Assumption University

Assumption university is an international university which means it is very diverse. I have met a lot of new colleagues from many parts of the world. This encourages the student’s use of English since it’s the only way we could all communicate and understand each other. English is essential in Assumption University, not only it is needed for communicating with friends like I mentioned above, but also for studying here since all of the lectures are in English so, whoever graduated from here are guaranteed that their English proficiency is at least at the standard level of English usage. It is not easy for those whose background did not have the chance to use a lot of English in their high school which is why I considered myself to be very lucky for having the privilege to study in an international school in my high school years which made my study in Assumption University to not be too hard on me.


The impression I have got from ABAC School of Music

After I got to be a part of ABAC Music Summer camp No.5, I fell in love with everything here, completely and instantly. The people, the atmosphere, the faculty members literally everything. Since day one, everyone was so welcoming and I felt really happy every moment I spent in the camp, there was never a moment that I felt anything bad or negative from anyone or anything during my time here. And ever since I decided that this will be where I’m going to spend all my time in my university life, never have I ever once regret choosing here and I cannot imagine my life other wise.


What it’s like being a music student

It’s a whole lot of fun. Literally. I have always enjoyed playing music with my friends. Yes, when it’s for an event it sometimes is frustrating and tiring but it is worth every minute spent practicing. It is always a pleasure for me to get to play with all these amazingly skilled people. It makes me feel that there’s so much more for me to improve on and learn about. There’s always laughter in the practice room, everyone is kind to one another which make it not stressful at all to practice and play with everyone.


Why I joined ABAC School of Music

This is quite a journey for me. Like I mentioned before, I took the GED test and joined ABAC instantly. I did not have any faculty in mind initially so I joined the faculty of arts. That was before I applied to ABAC Music Summer Camp No.5 which was where I’ve changed my mind completely. I did not want to learn music or have my future career to be anything music related at all but after my 4 days at this camp, I finally know that this is what my l live for, to be around people who also love music like me, and the be around music all the time. That’s when I changed my faculty to School of Music.


My favourite class in ABAC

My favourite class is definitely private class. After a year in School of Music faculty, I really think that I have really improved my singing skills. This is thanks to Ajarn Thanyaratai for teaching me and guiding me. She is also very kind and never scolds at me. But the reason I like this class most is because even though I have took vocal classes outside of ABAC before, I’ve never felt that I’ve improved as much as my two years here in ABAC. I am quite proud of myself for achieving this, for really feel that I have improved my singing skills. So it is my favourite class. I also enjoy Music Production Skill class since I think that it is something that I could really use in my future career.