Kulanun Kuekomoldej (Dyna)


My name is Kulanun Kuekomoldej or you can call me Dai. Actually, my nickname is Dyna. I am Thai and I am a Buddhist. I was born on 14 November 2001 in Bangkok so this year I am 18 going on 19 soon. I came from Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus School (CHIJ) which is type of business school. I am a first year student of Assumption University in the School of Music department major Music Entrepreneurship. I choose pop vocal as my main instrument. I think some subjects quite difficult for me but I will try my best.


What it’s like studying in Assumption University

As everyone knows, English language is quite important for our daily life and Assumption University is an international university which means most of the subjects are study in English it’s means I have to practice more and pay more attention. In some class we have foreign students so we use English language to communicate each other. I did not start study at the campus yet but I have opportunity to meet a lot of friends there. As I told you that I came from business school, some subjects I have studied before like Accounting, Business Exploration so I can teach all of my friends who don’t understand. I wish everything’s running smoothly when the university is open.


Why I choose School of Music?

There are many faculties in Assumption University and the three main faculties in this university are BBA, Arts and Communication Arts. Most of my friends from Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus School are choosing BBA but I am the only one who chose School of Music. The main reason that I choose this department because of I love singing and my school didn’t teach music. Next, I choose School of Music because of the society in this faculty is a small society so everyone knows each other and all the teachers can remember almost all of the students here and they taking care all of us. Everyone is kind and friendly so it makes me enjoy


My favorite subject in AU

There are numerous subjects that I have learned in this semester but my favorite subject absolutely private class because I don’t have to think or understand that much. I’m glad to have Ajarn Sirarat as my teacher of this class. She is also very kind so it is some kind of fun and it’s such a relax time when learning. My goal is to improve my singing skills. I have studied singing from outside but I never felt that I have improved that much that I can. So this is my favorite subject but actually I also enjoy in every subjects and I wish I can do better in final exam.


How did I know School of Music?

Actually, I knew only three faculties in Assumption University and after that I just knew that Assumption University has the music faculty when some students from School of Music came to my school. It is some kind of promoting the faculty and I felt interested in that time so I decided to join ABAC Music Camp #7. I really enjoy and know more about the School of Music. After the camp, I try to ask the seniors in this faculty for more information and they are willing to answer me. So I know School of Music when they came to my school and I’m glad to be here right now.


The impression that I got from School of Music

The impression I have got from this faculty is when I got to be a part of ABAC Music Camp 7, this is my first impression at School of Music. This camp take around 4 days in the campus. I felt in love with everything in this camp especially friends and seniors who are gave me happiness, I felt happy every moment I spent. Cause of this summer camp, I decided to study here and be a part of School of Music. I would like to thank Ajarn Kittisak and Ajarn Pannawit for helping by talking with my mom so that I can study here.